The Greatest Optical Illusions Ever!

Here are the greatest optical illusions that are…you know it….going to blow your mind! Click the play button for mind blowing and crazy pictures that deserve a second look!

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Title: The Greatest Optical Illusions!
Here are the greatest optical Illusions! You might as well put your cursor over that pause button cuz you’re gonna need it!!
#30 – We’re gonna start off this countdown with an upside down photo of Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Britain from 1979-1990. Hey, who said you’re not gonna learn anything on this channel?! Everything looks good in this photo except it’s upside down right? You didn’t think this picture was this f**cked up did you?!
#29 – See the lady in the picture yet? I’ll give you a hint….look for the curves!! Here you go, here’s how this photo was shot!
#28 – Believe it or not, but these two squares are the same exact color! It’s because of the different colors in the background messing with you. Don’t believe me? Check this out!
#27 – Which tower is leaning more, the right one or the left one? I’m gonna say the one on the right! Okay, it’s the same picture so obviously they’re both leaning at the same angle!!
#26 – This picture here is drawn by Roger Shepard….which table here is shorter and which table is wider? You guessed it, they’re both the same size! Pause the video and cut out a piece of paper in the same shape, and match it to both of them!
#25 – Here’s another drawing by Roger Shepard, although this one is an impossible object. Here’s another version that really illustrates the impossibility of this French monument.
#24 – This is a real picture of a penrose triangle brought to life!! This picture was of course taken at a very specific angle to create this illusion. Just imagine the dice in a z shaped configuration.
#23 – This one is another classic, drawn by W.E. Hill. How old is this chick? Is this a lip or a necklace to you?
#22 – The arms, legs, the angle of the shot, and the shape of a parrot all help to disguise what’s hiding underneath here, which of course is a woman painted to look like a parrot!
#21 – Just stare at the cross and see what happens! How trippy was that s**t?!

#20 – Up close it’s Einstein, father of the Theory of Relativity, and far away, it’s Marilyn, mistress of Mr. Kennedy! Weird right?
#19 – See if you can see the illusion in this one! Can’t guess it?! Yeah, the old cars are detailed replicas on I guess….a baking sheet?!
#18 – Here’s another crazy illusion that messes with MY mind……the brown looking square here and this orange looking square here are the same color! Here’s another type of the same illusion except with two dogs, and here they are with the background cut out! This just goes to show you how relative color perception can be!
#17 – Which circle is bigger? Yep, you guessed it, the two circles are the same size here!
#16 – On this illusion it looks like the guy just has a super long fake beard on, but of course there’s a girl standing in front of him. Should have had the girl wear the pants backward!
#15 – Look carefully!!! See it yet?! There’s a boat in the background!! It took me at least 5 minutes before I saw the damn thing!!
#14 – Which one is longer, A or B? Okay, y’all are too smart, they’re both the same size!
#13 – Here’s another fun one….…how is it that you just add a few lines, and poof, your brain just goes what the f**k?!
#12 – After looking at this illusion, I understand why certain dresses look so good on certain girls! Seriously, how do these lines look curved?!
#11 – Giant dude or tiny lady? Nahhh! Just a picture taken at the right angle to mess with our perception!

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