The ’emissions obsession’ isn’t confined to Labor and the green-left

The “spectacular falling out” between Labor’s Anthony Albanese and Joel Fitzgibbon over energy and climate change should not obscure the fact that much the same divisions exist on both sides of politics, says Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“Labor might be fighting a fairly public war for the soul of the blue-collar worker, but don’t think the Coalition are immune,” Ms Credlin said.

Ms Credlin said people shouldn’t think that the “emissions obsession is confined to Labor and the green-left”.

“It’s a real problem for the Liberal Party too, especially at the state level”.

“The basic problem here is not left versus right; it’s people who can afford to be woke versus people who have to be practical,” Ms Credlin said.

She said Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor is concerned about the latest offering from the New South Wales government on energy policy.

Ms Credlin said Mr Taylor today levelled an “attack” on his New South Wales counterpart Matt Kean.

It comes after NSW Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean released the Berejiklian government’s ambitious renewable energy roadmap last month.

Mr Taylor subsequently today called to see the modelling behind the roadmap.

“In a little over two years from now, the giant Liddell coal-fired power station that produces about 15 per cent of new South Wales’ power is due to close,” Ms Credlin said.

“Of course, if the Tomago Aluminium smelter closes with it, because it can no longer access the baseload power it needs to stay open and takes thousands of direct and indirect jobs with it.

“Kean says the Liddell closure is no big deal, and cites modelling purporting to show that more renewables, even renewables ‘firmed’ by batteries and pumped hydro, means cheaper power,” Ms Credlin said.

“I wish I could say that energy policy is in good hands with the Liberal Party, but I can’t, because right now it entirely depends on whether it’s an Angus Taylor or a Matt Keen calling the shots”.

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