The Craziest Moments by Floyd “Money” Mayweather!

Find out about millionaire (maybe billionaire?) boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr’s most ridiculous moments! From fighting Conor McGregor, to sucker punching Victor Ortiz, there’s never a dull moment in the Mayweather camp! Find out what’s number 1 in this video and see how insane Money Mayweather can be!

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Here are Money Mayweather’s Most Insane Moments!

Money Mayweather Loses a Boxing Match!

Did you know that Money Mayweather lost a bout as an amateur?! Actually, he’s lost 2! His last loss was back in the 96 Olympics at Atlanta, where Mayweather picked up a bronze instead of a gold! He lost to the eventual silver medalist, Bulgarian Serafim Todorov, who was awarded a very controversial 10-9 decision. Even the ref thought Mayweather won the match, because he raised Mayweather’s arm by accident! Mayweather said that this loss gave him the motivation to get to where he is today, which is 49 and 0 fellas! TBE baby! A loss isn’t always a bad thing!
Floyd fights Rapper T.I. in Vegas!
T.I. and Floyd?! I definitely would have wanted to watch this fight in person! Apparently back in 2014 T.I. walked up to Floyd in Fatburger on the strip, started talking trash to Money May and then started swinging on him! That situation was about T.I.’s wife, Tiny. Tiny had posted a photo of her and Mayweather on the gram after one of his fights. Obviously T.I. being T.I. felt some type of way, and went to talk to Mayweather about the situation. Mayweather supposedly told him that they had nothing going on, and that they had known each other before T.I. knew her. T.I. said okay, and then went about his way. So THEN, Tiny posts another pic on the gram, except this time it wasn’t a pic of her with Mayweather, but her with Mayweather’s daughter. This is when T.I. went off, and looked for Mayweather at Fatburger for the fight and spawned the infamous line, Where Dey At Though!!
50 calls out Mayweather for not being able to read!
50 cent and Mayweather are pretty much like you and your best friend, except every fight is put on blast. 50 called out Floyd for not being able to read, and put out a bet, for charity, that Floyd can’t read a page out of a Harry Potter book without stumbling. Charlemagne, host of the popular morning show The Breakfast Club, pretty much confirmed what 50 cent said. He played back recordings of Mayweather trying to read promos for I heart radio, where Floyd pretttttty much bombed it!!! Floyd said that if reading perfectly was the way to feed his family, then he’d do it flawlessly. You know what? Can’t argue with him there!! I bet if money was on the line, he’d be reading like Obama!
Floyd tortures Oscar De La Hoya!
Before the Pacquiao fight, this was THE biggest superfight ever, and Floyd took full advantage to market himself as the villain that you love to hate! You know what he did? He called Oscar a big pansy and told him that he was going to beat him until he called him pretty! He also called him a stich and said he was going to beat Oscar, among other countless hit talking. Oscar also said that Mayweather stole his training gear, to which Mayweather responds, “Okay, I stole your hit, do something about it then!” Ooooooooooh!!! Oscar De La Hoya is one of the more classy guys in boxing at the time, so I’m sure this just pissed off everyone even more!! You know what man, Mayweather was just playing his villain role to the best of his ability, but even with all that, I bet it still got to De La Hoya for sure!
Mayweather knocks out Ortiz with a Sucker Punch!
This was pretty much the punch that was heard around the world. Mayweather was basically beating Ortiz’s sass for the first 3 rounds of the bout, but Ortiz started tagging Mayweather a bit in the fourth. He was punching Mayweather into the corner, and was landing punches, but for some reason decided to headbutt Mayweather.

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