‘Shocking’: Woman barred from seeing dying mother in WA

A heartbreaking story has arisen from Western Australia’s harsh border controls for interstate passengers, says Sky News host Chris Smith.

Mr Smith pointed to a story aired on radio 2GB and 4BC, which recounted the events surrounding a woman’s attempt to see her dying mother.

The woman travelled from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and upon arrival in Perth was subjected to seven hours of waiting in the airport.

During the time she was stuck at the airport, the woman received a phone call which revealed her mother had passed away.

“That shocker of a story was followed by others, with similar tales of heartbreak and loss, all because McGowan chooses to put razor wire around his state,” Mr Smith said.

“Any dunderhead can apply a hard border in times of a medical crisis, it takes a clever strategist with plenty of courage to balance a virus, an economy, jobs and mental anguish, all at the same time.

“McGowan is the former. Berejiklian, she is a superstar.”

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