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3/04/2016: What happened in the early days of the universe? How did the first stars and galaxies form? In just a few years, we’ll find the answers to these questions and more with the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. We spoke with Senior Project Scientist and Nobel Laureate Dr. John Mather to learn more about how the JWST works, where it’s headed, and what we hope to find when it arrives.

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Special thanks to the entire team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for hosting our visit, to Bill Ochs, Dr. John Mather, Begoña Vila, Jody Davis and Dr. Stefanie Milam for sharing their time, knowledge and enthusiasm with us, to Laura Betz for managing our time on site, and to  Maggie Masetti for making sure the entire shoot ran smoothly and serving as science consultant.

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Seeing Through Time with Dr. John Mather | HowStuffWorks NOW

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