‘Red alert’: Federal investment in carbon capture should trigger warning bells

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says he gets “red alerts” every time he hears the expression “carbon capture and storage” as the federal government prepares to invest in clean energy technology.

“There’s a lot of spin involved,” he said.

“There’s a lot of announcements.”

The Commonwealth will invest $540 million in clean energy technologies in the upcoming budget which they say will create 2500 jobs and drive down Australia’s emissions through practical technology.

A total of $276 million will go toward four hydrogen hubs across the country, with another $264 million allocated for carbon capture projects.

Mr Clennell said former prime minister Kevin Rudd announced $1.3 billion for carbon capture and storage but “it hasn’t really gone anywhere” with the exception of a Western Australia project which has had mixed success.

He said Green advocates are suggesting the investment will just mean more money will go to fossil fuel companies and noted the government was pinning most of its hopes on hydrogen.

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