Queenslanders are ‘shaking their heads’ at Palaszczuk government’s ‘heartlessness’

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says the Queensland government has taken a “heartless” approach after three-year-old Brisbane boy, Thomas Collins, passed away in his parent’s arms in a Melbourne hospital on the weekend.

Thomas’ parents were pushing to have the family return to Brisbane in order for their child to be able to see extended family members.

Thomas was suffering from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.

A request of exemption had been lodged with Queensland Health for their family to return to the state, however young Thomas passed away before they could do so.

The family were in Melbourne so their son could receive special treatment.

“I can’t explain this heartless approach from the Queensland government,” Mr Canavan said.

“Perhaps before the election there was a view that parochialism had to prevail, and that was the way Palaszczuk was going to win, it was heartlessness than and its heartlessness now.

“There’s no political contest here.

“Why don’t they just make decisions that have a heart?

“Everybody I’ve spoken to here today in Queensland is shaking their head in this approach.

“There appears to be a level of stubbornness now.

“As governments, we should not be making life harder for people in those difficult circumstances.”

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