Prince Philip was a driving force in making ‘the Palace more modern and efficient’

Prince Philip had a “really interesting legacy” as he was gaffe-prone, environmentally conscious, and was the first prince consort since Prince Albert, according to The Washington Post Opinion Editor Autumn Brewington.

“Prince Philip has a really interesting legacy just in terms of just a lot of times where he made headlines either for things that he said or he did he was surprising and sometimes offending people,” she told Sky News chief anchor Kieran Gilbert.

“When the Queen ascended to the throne in 1952 there had not another prince consort for about 90 years since Prince Albert in 1861 so this role was kind of thrown open to Prince Philip who was a warfighting naval offer, a real guy’s guy, and now in public he was expected to follow his wife.”

Ms Brewington said Prince Philip the first member of the Royal Family to do to a televised interview and a driving force to modernising the monarchy.

“He was one of those who pushed for getting rid of introducing debutantes at court and tried to make the Palace a bit more modern and efficient.”

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