Prince Harry conflates COVID-19 with climate change

Sky News host Chris Smith has suggested Prince Harry has been “brainwashed by his woke wife” after suggesting COVID-19 was some sort of cosmic retribution for man’s failure to take meaningful action in combatting climate change.

Prince Harry asked people to consider being a raindrop relieving the parched ground as a mental exercise in caring for the earth because “nature is our life source”.

“What a woke character he’s become. He’s obviously been brainwashed by his woke wife. This business about ecological retribution and talking about individuals being raindrops. What is he on?” Mr Smith said.

“At the end of the day, the likelihood is that an animal that was sold at a market has somehow carried a virus that’s crossed into the human bloodstream etc. That’s the probability. The possibility is it happened in a lab.

“That’s got nothing to do with how we treat the environment… there have been markets selling animals for centuries and there have been pandemics on this planet for centuries as well. I wish he’d just shut up.”

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