Premier McGowan has taken a page ‘straight out of the Trump playbook’

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has taken a page “straight out of the Trump playbook” in his recent comments about handling the pandemic, says former Labor MP Stephen Conroy.

It comes amid a war of words between NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the WA premier.

Mr McGowan has made it clear he is taking an elimination approach to crushing coronavirus, encouraging other states and territories to do so.

Meanwhile Ms Berejiklian has opted for a suppression strategy, saying she doesn’t believe “keeping your borders closed and inflicting pain and suffering on thousands of people is the way to go”.

“All of those points that Gladys makes are absolutely valid,” Mr Conroy told Sky News.

“Mark McGowan has taken a page straight out of the Trump playbook.”

Mr Conroy said Mr McGowan “can’t generate a fight politically” before the state election with the local Liberal Party because they have “self-immolated”.

“So, he just says something completely outrageous, not even factually accurate,” he said.

“He’s generated a news story for himself … he’s got a big national fight going.

“Straight out the Trump playbook.”

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