Premier McGowan ‘creates enormous pain and hardship’ then ‘claims victory’ after lockdown

Sky News host Chris Kenny says “authoritarian premier” Mark McGowan locks his people down for three days, creates enormous pain and hardship “for nothing,” and he then claims victory.

“Once more an authoritarian premier, too scared to trust the competence of his public health system, a premier who has learned nothing in 15 months of pandemic, locks down his people for three days,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said the premier creates “enormous pain and hardship for nothing, let me be clear, for nothing, and he claims victory”.

“Forget the science, forget experience, forget the facts, this bloke says go with his feels. He reckons he saved West Australians”.

“And he makes that ridiculous claim, less than three days into a lockdown for a disease that can incubate for 14 days. This is post truth politics. This is science free public health management.

“And this bloke dares to criticise other governments.”

Mr Kenny spoke to the Western Australia AMA President Dr Andrew Miller about the current issues unfolding in the state.

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