Physical Exercise for Brain Power

Twenty or thirty minutes of exercise can make you increase your focus, motivation to learn, and improve your mood.
Regular exercise can increase these three neurotransmitters
In very simple terms dopamine impacts your level of motivation. Low levels of dopamine can result in low levels of motivation
High levels increase motivation.
Motivation is key to learning new material
Serotonin impacts your mood, anger, and depression. Low levels can lead to depression and higher levels can improve your mood which impacts your ability to learn

Norepinephrine naw·reh·puh·neh·fruhn impacts your ability to focus
Low levels led to dull focus, high levels sharpen your focus

20 or 30 minutes of aerobic exercise has been described as miracle gro for the brain.

So let’s apply this knowledge with a couple of suggestions to help you start brainstorming

Before your next study session get your heart rate elevated for 20 or 30 minutes then start studying

Take your flashcards on a brisk walk and memorize while walking

While studying take exercise breaks while you study. It could be as simple as dancing, or jumping jacks during the break.

Record your notes on your phone, put in your earbuds, go for a walk, and learn your notes.
The opportunities are endless, just combine 20 or 30 minutes of exercise with learning new material.

Picture Dean Karnazas

Picture Miracle Gro

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