Oprah gave Harry and Meghan ‘free rein to smear the Royal Family’

Oprah Winfrey gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “free rein to smear the royal family” in the interview which saw two privileged people show how narcissistic they can “actually be,” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“Runaway royals, not even aware in their interview with Oprah Winfrey how monstrously appalling they seem,” Mr Bolt said.

He spoke of the “damage they’ve done” to the royal family, including “trashing it as racist”.

“The warning signs were there from their wedding, three years ago when Meghan invited Oprah as their honoured guest to the surprise not just of reporters, but of Oprah herself, she’d only met Meghan once”.

“But the thing is, Oprah wasn’t just a celebrity … Oprah was also someone who could be useful in the future, Markle could rely on her to back her up at times like right now and play the race card”.

Mr Bolt pointed to one of Ms Markle’s “unbelievable” claims that “someone in the royal family – a member of the Royal Family itself – was a racist”.

“Harry – when he came on later in the interview – seemed much less keen to talk about this claim, refused to answer Oprah’s request for details,” he said.

“I am just appalled by what I saw.”

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