New survey reveals most Australians feel cancel culture ‘has gone too far’

True North Strategy Managing Partner Dr Dorian von Freyhold says a recent study they conducted show most Australians believe cancel culture has gone too far and larrikinism has been lost.

The study showed 70 per cent agreed larrikinism was lost with 80 per cent of LNP voters believing it, 62 per cent of Labor voters, and 40 per cent of Greens and saw similar results on questions about cancel culture.

“As to the question of whether it’s gone too far, again, as we saw, the pattern suggests Liberal and Labor voters both score very highly, both in the 80 to 70 per cent mark … Greens voters provided an answer of more than 50 per cent agreeing on that very point,” he told Sky News.

“If we agree for what this means for politicians and the business world, we can pretty safely say they can push back harder with the weight of assurance that public opinion is behind them.”

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