Most Amazing Human Beings in the World!

Here are 5 of the most amazing human beings who can do the most ridiculous things! Watch this video to see real superpowers at work! See these insane feats done by these mutant humans! Extraordinary is the only way to describe these people, and you have to see them perform their impossible feats to believe it!
You’ll never guess what the #1 person on this list can do!

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#5 – Daniel Kish
Daniel Kish was born with cancer in his eyes, called retinoblastoma, which attacks the retinas! But that unluckiness hasn’t stopped Daniel from living a full life! Daniel uses echolocation to know what’s around him! Echolocation is similar to biosonar used by bats and beluga whales, and Daniel uses this technique by clicking his tongue and listening closely to what sounds come back to him. Daniel is so good at this technique, he’s totally blind, but he gets around by riding a bike! THIS MAN IS TOTALLY BLIND, AND HE CAN RIDE A BIKE!!!! HOLY S***!!!!
#4 – Alain Robert
People call this guy at #4 the Human Spiderman! Alain Robert has climbed buildings all over the world, and he does it without a harness! All he uses is a pair of climbing shoes and a small bag of…..chalk?! Riiiiiiiiight! He’s climbed the tallest building in the world, the burj khalifa, without a harness! What in the world possesses him to do this? It’s probably all that chalk!
#3 – Stephen Wiltshire
Don’t let this guy see you naked! Stephen Wiltshire has a TRUE photographic memory! This guy can draw anything after you just let him look at it once! His favorite subjects are buildings and landscapes, which he’s been drawing since childhood. He frequently draws cities from memory, which usually involves him riding around in a helicopter, and then reproducing what he sees! He’s drawn a perfect replication of London, after just one helicopter ride!
#2 – Dean Karnazes
At #2 we have Dean Karnazes, who is a person that apparently loves to run! He’s run a marathon, on ALL 7 continents, yes, including Antartica! Oh yeah, have I mentioned that he’s also done 50 marathons in 50 days before?! Yeah, that’s on the list of things I’m never gonna do!! And if that’s not ridiculous enough for you, Dean ran 350 miles nonstop in 80 hours in 2005. This man ran for more than 3 days straight without stopping! He said he got a little cat nap during the run, because he was sleep running for a little while. Ummmmmmm yeah………running while sleeping is another thing I’m not going to try!
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#1 Wim Hof
And one of the most amazing superhumans, Wim Hof! Wim Hof has climbed Mount Everest in only his shorts. SHORTS!! People have died climbing Mt Everest in the wamest parkas known to man, and this guy climbed the mountain in his shorts!! However, he didn’t reach the summit, because of an ankle injury. His other feats include, sitting in a tub of ice and water for over 2 hours, which is a world record by the way, and also, he’s run a FULL marathon in the desert without water! He credits his powers to meditation and breathing techniques, and claims everyone has the same power to do the same things he can!
Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, I bet you didn’t guess that Wim Hof can control, get this, his IMMUNE system!! Researchers injected him with a strain of bacteria that TYPICALLY induces symptoms such as fever or vomiting. However, scientists found that he didn’t get sick at all, and was able to control these symptoms!! Amazing!!

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