More than half of Labor voters don’t see Albanese as preferred PM

Anthony Albanese has ended his year in the “worst possible way” as more than 50 per cent of Labor voters don’t see him as their preferred prime minister.

Sky News host Paul Murray says Mr Albanese’s year is “going from bad to worse” whilst Prime Minister Scott Morrison holds a very commanding lead.

“Each-way-Albo has now sunk yet again to a position where not even half of Labor supporters believe that he is their preferred prime minister,” he said.

The opposition leader led Scott Morrison in the preferred prime minister stakes 39 to 36 in January after the prime minister was heavily criticised for his performance on bushfires.

A Newspoll released in December shows Scott Morrison now has a commanding lead of 50 to 25 over Mr Albanese.

The worrying data for the opposition leader though is the preferred prime minister polls amongst Labor voters where he only receives 46 per cent of the vote, the prime minister receives 27 per cent and ‘don’t know’ has 28.

“(Albanese has) ended his year in the worst possible way.”

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