Kerry O’Brien ‘ratted’ on the solemn agreement of Australia Day award

Sky News contributor Campbell Newman says journalist Kerry O’Brien has “essentially ratted” on a solemn agreement by rejecting his Order of Australia award in protest of Margaret Court’s medal.

The veteran journalist described the decision to honour Margaret Court with an Order of Australia medal as “deeply insensitive and divisive” in a letter to the Governor-General.

Mr O’Brien was to be named an Officer of the Order of Australia before rejecting the Australia Day award.

Mr Newman pointed out recipients of the award are asked whether they will accept the award prior to receiving.

“So essentially Kerry O’Brien has ratted on that solemn agreement with the honours and awards system out of government house,” he said.

“What Kerry O’Brien is doing is very disappointing, it is grandstanding, it is politicking.

“He’s thumbing his nose at Australia, and that’s really quite repugnant.”

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