John Kerry is determined to be the ‘seniors version’ of Greta Thunberg

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry has the “carbon footprint of an island nation” yet seems determined to be the “seniors version” of environmentalist Greta Thunberg, says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Former presidential hopeful John Kerry is now the special envoy on climate change to President Joe Biden,” Mr Kenny said.

“He and his millionaire wife have multiple houses, large houses, a yacht, and a private jet.

“Oh, and they also have lots of advice for how the rest of us can reduce our emissions, at an undefined cost”.

Mr Kerry recently said the “stakes on climate change simply couldn’t be any higher than they are right now. It is existential”.

Mr Kenny said Mr Kerry used “fear” to push his point.

“Speaking in Washington overnight Kerry used the same old tactics to convince us that this cost, this pain, would be good for us, he used fear”.

Mr Kenny also spoke of a recent address given by new US President Joe Biden, in which Mr Biden said it is “time to act” on the “climate crisis”.

“Biden had eight years with Obama in the White House on this existential issue of climate, but only now is it time to act,” Mr Kenny said.

“These people are just so inconsistent aren’t they, so opportunistic, it is all about politics, not the actual issue, just the politics”.

“These people will do anything to keep up with political fashion – anything except give up their own perks – and working people around the globe will pay for any of their mistakes”.

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