‘It’s farcical’ Australia’s voting system doesn’t safeguard against multiple voting

Sky News host Peta Credlin says it “beggars belief” to see Australia’s voting system is still maintained by paper lists and hasn’t transitioned to implement a digital copy of the roll to safeguard against multiple voting.

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, led by Senator James McGrath, issued a report on the 2019 election and called for the implementation of an electronic electoral roll in time for the next election.

Ms Credlin said an electronic electoral role would prevent people from being able to vote at multiple booths.

“When some marginal seats come down to less than 100 votes, multiple voting could be the difference between government and opposition,” Ms Credlin said.

“And when our lives now are run by digital this and electronic that, it beggars belief that our voting system is still maintained by paper lists, of who can vote in what electorate, and in terms of voting more than once, it’s farcical.

“I mean there’s nothing to stop me voting again and again in a key marginal seat because by the time I’m caught, if I am, the seat is decided and we know that despite dozens of cases of multiple voting in the 2016 election, not one person was ever convicted.”

“Having each polling booth equipped with a digital copy of the roll, so that when I vote at one polling booth I am then marked off the digital roll in every other polling booth, is common sense; and to be honest, most Australians listening to me tonight would be asking why this isn’t in place already”

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