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Italy’s Morandi Bridge collapse in Genoa on August 14, 2018, killed 43 people. Until today, the cause of the collapse remains unknown. Survivors tell their stories. Two years after the fatal tragedy, Italy will inaugurate the replacement bridge named Genoa San Giorgio.

“You’re sitting in your truck and driving your goods to your customers like you do every day. On the Morandi Bridge, it’s raining so hard that you can’t see anything. Suddenly you hear a hell of a crash and all the cars in front of you on the motorway bridge disappear into a void…”
“You’re at work in your company below the bridge, unloading cables from a truck for recycling, when suddenly you hear screeching tires. You look up and as the dust cloud clears, the bridge is no longer there. Immediately afterwards, there’s a frightening silence…”
“You’re coming back from vacation with your mum and you can’t get back to your house under the bridge because it’s now in a no-go zone. You know that if you hadn’t gone on vacation, you might not be alive now. So, on the one hand, you’re grateful, but then on the other you end up living in a hotel, removed from your familiar surroundings, far away from your neighborhood. There are daily traffic jams, because your city has been torn in half.”

The ruined bridge has become a memorial – to negligence, chaos and profiteering. For the 43 victims and their bereaved families, it has become a deadly symbol since it collapsed on August 14, 2018.


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