Heavy Hauling: River Retreat | Cabin Truckers | Free Documentary

Heavy Hauling: River Retreat | Cabin Truckers | Free Documentary

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Sue and Tom Marcoux live in the center of Edmonton, Alberta. For the last decade they have dreamed of escaping the big city at weekends to a rural retreat that their whole family can visit.
They’ve just taken the plunge and invested their life savings in a scenic piece of land 550 kilometers north in rural Athabasca by the Athabasca River. It’s a dream plot – with stunning views onto the river and glaciers, into the mountains and across at the forest (right).

There’s only one problem – there’s no property on the land – it’s empty! The spot is so remote that it would cost upwards of $300,000 for construction workers to haul equipment and materials to build them a new home from scratch – a price completely out of their range.

So they are calling on the services of structural hauler, Wade Kerner and his crew. They have found them the perfect second hand home for the plot – a spacious 3-bedroom bungalow style property (top) for sale with new wooden floors and large windows to soak up the stunning view.

The only downside is that the property is currently situated nearly 600 kilometers away from their river lot – in Calgary. Hauling the bungalow to the site will be a huge challenge.

The team must work out how to squeeze the long, wide load out of the center of Calgary city without causing gridlock. They’ll have to clear power lines, bus shelters and road signs out of the way. Police may even force them to do this part of the move at night to prevent gridlock during the day.

The task will get even tougher as they ride out into the countryside. Squeezing the supersize load through narrow tree-lined country roads will be like threading a needle. One wrong move and branches could smash the big windows. Rolling hills will make this a particularly precarious trek – the truck brakes will be under tremendous pressure to control the weight of the vehicle and load.

To make their retreat as big as possible, Tom and Sue are building a basement for the bungalow to slide on to, turning this into a two-storey home. Sliding the cabin onto these footings won’t be easy – working so close to the rivers’ edge, the team face the constant risk that the dream cabin could slide into the water.

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