Harry and Meghan should get honest jobs not ‘having their cake and eating it too’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Prince Harry should not be “born into subservience” any more than be born into superiority, but if the Royal couple want to break free they should find honest work and not have their “cake and eat it too”.

The runaway royal’s grandfather, Prince Phillip, has been hospitalised over the past days with reports circulating out of the UK that the Duke of Edinburgh is disappointed with Prince Harry for effectively leaving royal duties.

Mr Kenny said he opposes the monarchy because people should “not be born into power” and should be born equal which underpins his belief as to why Prince Harry should be allowed to “live his life”.

“He should not be born into subservience any more than be born into superiority,” he said.

“So as silly as he and Meghan might be, preaching every woke cause and seeking the celebrity lifestyle, I do admire them a bit for breaking free.

“The thing is, they should find honest work, selling your royal celebrity is kinda having your cake and eating it too.”

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