Grace Tame as Australian of the Year is ‘really welcome and well-deserved’

Given Australian of the Year awards are often full of politics and virtue signalling, the “major surprise” recognition of Grace Tame as Australian of the Year 2021 is very welcome and well-deserved, says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Ms Tame led the campaign #LetHerSpeak which aimed to overturn archaic state gag laws preventing sexual assault victims from speaking out.

Until 2019, Ms Tame was legally barred from sharing her experience as a survivor of sexual assault suffered at the hands of her teacher when she was 15 years old.

Her legal fight took her to the supreme court where she won the right to share her story and become an advocate for others.

“She won her battle, and her legal battle,” Mr Kenny said.

“So therefore I think her recognition is really unique, and congratulations to her.”

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