Glaring inequality at funeral shows ‘we are not all in it together’

Sky News host Chris Smith says the inequality is stark between those who have taken the “brunt of this crushing period” and those who have not.

A majority of state and commonwealth public servants returned to work on Monday, while some took pay rises throughout the pandemic.

“That’s a colossal joke,” Mr Smith said.

Despite the “glaring” differences between the private and public sectors, Mr Smith said there seems to be further inequality in the community as some groups chose to “ignore clear and strict rules”.

He pointed funerals where there is a maximum attendance limit of 100 in New South Wales, but a funeral for slain underworld figure Amar Kettule in Sydney’s south-west instead received a crowd of over 1000 mourners.

Police in attendance issued fines for traffic infringements and car defects, but not one under the NSW Health Act.

“Meanwhile how many other law-abiding citizens without connections to an Assyrian Street Gang or the Nomads bikie outlaw motorcycle gang, have been whacked with huge fines for having too many people at funerals and other gatherings? Plenty,” Mr Smith said.

“But us mere mortals have not earned our stripes as feared gang members, so the Kettule mourners get a free get out of jail pass against having to abide by the laws in a pandemic.

“It’s called weak law enforcement and sheer hypocrisy and it proves once again, we are not all in this together, not at all.”

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