‘Garbage’: Government grants to universities expose extraordinary spending

Sky News host Paul Murray highlights the extraordinary ways governments across the country continue to use hard earned taxpayer dollars, including nearly $1 million spent on the studies of socialism in Laos.

Mr Murray said the average taxpayer has to work until Wednesday before “you start making money for yourself”.

“Instead you are of course simply working for the taxman”.

He pointed to exorbitant university grants as ways the government has spent taxpayers’ dollars this year.

A grant to Monash University to the tune of $271,000 dollars was given for ‘Diversifying Music in Australia: Gender Equity in Jazz and Improvisation”.

Another $922,000 was given to the University of Sydney for ‘Cultural Value, Birth and Parenting: Reproductive Health and Lao Socialism’, whilst just over $1,000,000 was granted to UNSW for ‘A Sonic Approach to Anti-Colonialism in Interwar India’.

“One million dollars is being spent on this garbage,” Mr Murray said.

Meanwhile, the Queensland Health Department spent over $765,000 for upgrades, fit outs, and replacements of televisions.

“Other people’s money, that’s what it is for government, but of course it’s your money, it’s your work, it’s your toil, and they piddle it up against the wall all day, every day.”

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