Gadgets 360 Picks: Best Headphones of 2020 in India

The best headphones and earphones of 2020 reflect some of the ways in which the landscape has changed. Until recently, wired earphones and headphones were still a serious consideration in the consumer personal audio space, but 2020 has shifted this trend significantly. Although wired headphones and earphones are still widely available, these options usually occupy the two extremes of the product segment – either audiophile-grade, high-end headphones, or very affordable entry-level earphones for budget smartphones. Everything in between has gone wireless, with the true wireless form factor gaining major ground.

With value-for-money and the overall package on offer for the price as strong factors, when choosing; here are our top picks among headphones and earphones for 2020.

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Best Overall
1:37 Best Wireless Earphones
2:13 Best True Wireless Earphones
3:05 Best for Battery Life
3:51 Best Value For Money
4:36 Best Wired Earphones

Best Headphones and Earphones of 2020 in India:

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