Fearless Workers in Great Height: Replacing an Aviation Light at the Very Top | Free Documentary

Sky High Scrapers – Episode 2: Fearless Workers in Great Height: Replacing an aviation light at the very top | Free Documentary

Episode 3 – Cleaning a Giant Mirror: https://youtu.be/zsDqOPmtqVE

The Abseilon USA crew is put to the test when the aviation light at the very top of the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas needs to be inspected and replaced.

These buildings might be behemoths of the building world, but our cleaners know the all cracks, crevices and tricks of the trade to get the job done perfectly whilst training new recruits to handle these imposing challenges. For high-rise cleaning firms, finding good employees can often be difficult… A poll of US workers discovered that the profession is considered one of the most dangerous, behind Bomb Defusal but ahead of a career in the Armed Forces.
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