End-to-End Encryption Explained: How WhatsApp, Signal Keep Your Messages Secure | Elemental Ep 22

If you’re a person who’s jumping ship from WhatsApp and Signal, there are chances that you may have come across a term called end-to-end encryption. It’s used to keep your chats safe not just from malicious snoopers, but also intelligence agencies and big tech companies. But how does it really work? Find the answer to that and a lot more in this episode of Elemental where we talk about the smaller things in tech that make a much bigger impact on the real world.

Further reading:

14 Tricks to Supercharge Your Privacy on Signal: https://youtu.be/-cwfJ1Nqqt0

Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption: https://cyware.com/news/exploring-the-differences-between-symmetric-and-asymmetric-encryption-8de86e8a

Computerphile’s Guide to E2EE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkV1KEJGKRA&ab_channel=Computerphile

The Dilemma Behind Having a Backdoor in E2EE: https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2020/05/26/backdoor-encryption/#:~:text=End%2Dto%2Dend%20encryption%20achieves,access%20to%20the%20decryption%20keys.&text=Australia%20even%20managed%20to%20pass,create%20backdoors%20in%20their%20encryption.

0:00 Introduction
01:19 Basics of Cryptography
1:47 Symmetric Encryption
2:50 Why Symmetric Encryption Fails
3:37 Asymmetric Encryption
4:52 Analogy To Explain Asymmetric Encryption
6:38 Use of Prime Numbers in Encryption
7:58 Where End-to-End Encryption Fails

Anchor: Shubham Raheja (https://gadgets.ndtv.com/authors/shubham-raheja-43)
Video Editor: Pankaj Rawat (https://gadgets.ndtv.com/authors/pankaj-rawat-44)

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