Eddie McGuire ‘put the club first’ by resigning: Stephen Conroy

Eddie McGuire did the right thing and “put the club first” in resigning as President of Collingwood, according to former Labor minister Stephen Conroy.

Mr McGuire’s resignation comes after the release of the ‘Do Better’ report into the club’s handling of racism.

Many community leaders and key public figures had called for Mr McGuire’s immediate resignation following his comments at the release of the report in which he said it was “an historic and proud day” for the club.

Mr Conroy told Sky News McGuire acknowledged the press conference “ran off the rails” and clearly didn’t go the way he intended.

“It cast the club in a worse light, I mean things were worse after the press conference than they were before the press conference”.

The outgoing president was due to leave the post after 22 years at the end of 2021, but said it is neither “fair or tenable” for the club and the community to do so.

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