Early COVID cases from Wuhan lab would be a ‘surprising’ development

The world must “wait and see” if reports COVID-19 emerged in a Wuhan lab as early as autumn in the Northern hemisphere in 2019, are substantiated.

Infectious Disease Physician Paul Griffin told Sky News he would find it very surprising if US intelligence reports detailing the revelations were true.

Intelligence sources are claiming the virus may have first infected humans as early as autumn (Spring in Australia) of 2019.

The reports claim researchers within Wuhan’s Institute of Virology caught COVID-19 earlier than previously understood.

Mr Griffin said he would find it “very surprising,” and his understanding was that China has done a “really good job” in quickly identifying the virus.

He said China’s experience with the SARS pandemic in the early-2000s meant the government was well prepared for a pandemic response.

“(China) perhaps found this quicker than we would have found this in other countries that didn’t have those processes in place”.

“While we certainly need to look and do our due diligence … we just need to wait to see if this is substantiated.”

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