Daniel Andrews is ‘drunk on power’ after proposing ‘carte blanche’ powers

Victorian Opposition frontbencher Georgie Crozier says there is “no way” the opposition will support the Andrews government’s nine month “carte blanche” emergency powers extension.

Premier Daniel Andrews is pushing for a return of the emergency powers which allow the government to enforce a lockdown, requesting the power to remain until December.

Ms Crozier told Sky News she has not yet seen the briefing from the government on its proposed state of emergency extension, but she “can’t see” the Liberal Party supporting the move.

“We are concerned about this premier who is almost drunk on power, this control, he just loves it,” she said.

“All these decisions that have been made, they’re knee jerk, there is no certainty.

“It’s all over the place and that’s why people are very reluctant for a state of emergency extension until mid-December.”

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