‘Craven spin’ by Daniel Andrews is the ‘tip of iceberg’: Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Daniel Andrews has used one man’s medical episode to cover a “breakdown in government procedures” after she spoke with the man whose nebuliser is at the heart of Victoria’s latest outbreak.

Ms Credlin said the man with the nebuliser spoke from his ICU bed and testified twice he had told quarantine officials he uses a nebuliser.

“As soon as this man spoke up on Friday night, the premier went into damage control,” she said.

She said Daniel Andrews “suddenly clammed up and refused to answer any questions”, while COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria Commissioner Emma Cassar kept up the line of stating the man didn’t declare his nebuliser.

“I’ve never seen more craven attempt at spin by a government than this … but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Ms Credlin said she spent “over an hour” on the phone with the man who used the nebuliser and has been in and out of ICU because of his COVID-19 infection.

The man and his partner are tonight in their 24th night of lock-up.

“What he’s been through since he arrived back in Australia on the 23rd of January is nothing short of gross bureaucratic incompetence,” she said.

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