Climate activism is sometimes lawful or unlawful but ‘all of it is hysterical’

Sky News host Rita Panahi says some climate activism is lawful, some of it is unlawful, but all of it is hysterical after climate protesters dumped wheelbarrows full of cow poop at the White House to protest President Biden’s climate plan.

“We have seen climate change protests and activism from around the world – some unlawful, some lawful, all of it hysterical,” she said.

“How brave of the privileged protesters to make an almighty mess that some poor sod on minimum wage will have to clean up.

Ms Panahi said if that hasn’t convinced you to bankrupt the country in some futile attempt to save the world, then a Californian politician whose 9-year-old thinks she is going to die because of climate alarmism might.

“The silly woman asks Greta Thunberg for some advice. I wonder where her daughter got the idea that and I quote ‘the Earth is on fire and we’re all going to die soon’,” she said.

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