Claremont Killer still has ‘control’ over the families of victims

Investigative Journalist Steve Pennells says Claremont Killer Bradley Edwards still – in a way – has control over the families of his victims by holding back from giving any answers.

It comes after Justice Stephen Hall gave Mr Edwards two life sentences for the murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon; he will spend a minimum of 40 years in jail.

“It’s hard because he (Edwards) is a man who didn’t give answers, and he still has that control over the families in a way; by holding back what he knows,” Mr Pennells told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“All through the court case, all through the trial, through the police interview he was quiet, stoic, polite, he never showed any hint of anger.

“Perhaps it’s all part of a strategy, who knows.”

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