China now faces evidence against its ‘COVID lies’

The evidence proving China’s lies around coronavirus have finally been revealed and prove how the communist country was “trying to rewrite history” and blame everyone else for the pandemic, says Chris Smith.

Leaked documents from inside the Chinese health care system, show the country mishandled the early COVID-19 pandemic through misleading public data and three-week delays in test results.

Chinese officials posted data on February 10 confirming 2,345 new cases of COVID-19, but confidential documents attained by CNN and verified by experts show the Hubei province actually recorded 5,918 cases on that day.

The documents also reveal Hubei endured an influenza epidemic in late 2019 which led to cases being 20 times higher than the previous year.

Mr Smith said the evidence against China’s claims that other nations brought COVID-19 to China has “finally caught up with them”.

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