China is ‘not Australia’s friend’ but is purely a ‘necessary evil’

Sky News host Peter Gleeson says Victoria needs to sever its belt and road deal with China immediately, because China’s increasing hostility has become “a national security issue” and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews “needs to put Australia first”.

Mr Gleeson also said Australia has “no choice” but to boycott the Beijing winter Olympics in 2022.

“The world can’t tolerate a belligerent and bellicose China, using threats and intimidation to bully its way with every country it deals with,” Mr Gleeson said.

“The world must stand up to these people. That means sanctions, it means withdrawing export deals, it means hurting China where it hurts most – the hip pocket.

“Any sane world leader – let’s put Putin aside – knows that China are playing a high stakes game of brinkmanship on human rights, the military and trade.”

Mr Gleeson said China’s refusal to accept any responsibility for the COVID crisis demonstrates a culture with no morals and no ethics when it comes to accountability.

“China is not our friend. They are a necessary evil. But the time has come to cut the umbilical cord,” he said.

“Let’s cut the trade ties, diversify away from them. It will be painful, but they too will suffer. Their people love our iron ore, beef, wine, barley – where they make their beer – and lobsters.

“Nothing compares to the quality of Australian produce.

“Let them eat cake for all we care.”

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