China is ‘happy to see another democracy weakened’ in South East Asia

The international community must “expose the fact” that the biggest supporters of the generals in Myanmar is “surprise, surprise” the Chinese Communist Party, says the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Peter Jennings.

His comments come after at least 90 people have reportedly been killed in Myanmar on the bloodiest day of protests since the military coup first removed the nation’s democratically elected leadership from power.

Security forces opened fire on demonstrators as the country’s generals celebrated Armed Forces Day.

Mr Jennings said China is “frankly quite happy to see another democracy be weakened in South East Asia in order to strengthen China’s hand in South East Asia”.

“So, let’s shine a light on the nature of the links between the generals in Myanmar and the Chinese Communist Party,” Mr Jennings told Sky News.

“I think that’s the first thing to do”.

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