Barilaro labels Mark McGowan ‘a goose’ amid Sydney COVID cluster remarks

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro says Mark McGowan is “a goose,” following recent remarks made by the Western Australian premier regarding Sydney’s latest coronavirus cluster.

Mr McGowan recently shut his state’s border to all residents wishing to enter from New South Wales.

Mr McGowan also criticised the Berejiklian government’s handling of the coronavirus cluster in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, saying they need to stop “playing whack-a-mole”.

“They seem to be engaging in a sort of form of whack-a-mole, they try and step on a gym here or a restaurant there,” the WA premier said.

“Rather than playing whack-a-mole, they need to kill all the moles,” Mr McGowan had said.

Mr Barilaro defended the New South Wales government’s handling of the latest outbreak on the Northern Beaches, after only 15 new COVID-19 cases were uncovered from over 38,000 tests on Monday.

Mr Barilaro said the results are “trending in the right direction”.

“I’d be keen to wait until tomorrow to see what that looks like, if we have another low number it clearly shows that we have contained it to the peninsula, we have contained it from further community transmission.

“Our contact tracing is world-class, our health experts are doing the job and, more importantly, the citizens of New South Wales are doing what we’ve asked of them, and that’s to turn up and get tested.”

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