Australians deserve ‘a fair dose of joy’ this Christmas

Sky News host Alan Jones says all the “lockdown stuff is rubbish” as politicians continue to play politics around the nation.

Mr Jones called on West Australian Premier Mark McGowan to open the state’s border and let people in.

“Forget yourself Mr McGowan, open the border,” he said.

Mr Jones also said he is also totally opposed to a Liberal government preventing people from leaving their own country, however “it has been a boon for local tourism”.

“So, business does at last, have a smile on its face.

“But, lets not kid ourselves, they can’t compensate for the losses forces upon them by this disproportionate response to a bad flu”.

“But Christmas is a season of joy and hope and rebirth, and all Australian businesses, and individuals, deserve a fair dose of joy and hope and rebirth after the dreadful times they’ve been put through by government”.

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