Australia has done ‘better than expected’ dealing with the pandemic

Infectious diseases physician Professor Peter Collignon says Australia has done better than he would have expected a year on from the first COVID-19 infection being discovered in the nation.

“I would not have thought we’d have so low little transmission in the country as a whole,” Professor Collignon told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Now, admittedly we had Melbourne as a fairly big disaster, if you like, last winter.

“But there were a lot of identifiable factors … all of which have been now substantially resolved, or I hope completely resolved.

“If you look at all the other outbreaks in Australia … we have managed with good case control, finding people, quarantining, isolation et cetera, and the population approving and agreeing with things that are done, to actually get really good control of this and eradicate, or eliminate the virus, for a period of time,” he said.

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