Athletes Who Got BUSTED for Cheating!

Ever wonder who the biggest cheaters are in sports? Watch this video to find out who likes to get an edge on the competition in the worst way! From Alex Rodriguez to Tonya Harding, find out who was the worst!

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History is full of some great badasses. Like these people!!

Here are 10 athletes busted for cheating!

10. Mark McGwire

In 16 seasons in the Major Leagues, Mark McGwire swatted an impressive 583 home runs, including his legendary 1998 season where he hit 70 homers, breaking the record held by Roger Maris since 1961.

It was a moment many of us remember well that has sadly been cheapened by his recent admission to using steroids. In 2010, McGwire admitted in an interview with Bob Costas that he took steroids off and on for a decade beginning in 1989. He was also implicated for steroid use in a 2005 book written by former teammate, Jose Canseco who’s blamed by many for making steroids in baseball so prominent.

To his credit, McGwire came clean about his cheating, and even called the widow of Roger Maris to apologize. Still, he tainted one of the most sacred records in baseball……..not cool!

9. Marion Jones

As a world class basketball star and track and field champion, Marion Jones won three gold and two bronze medals while competing for the U.S during the 2000 Summer Olympics. Sadly, she later had them taken away after it was discovered she was using steroids.

Dating back to her days in high school, Jones was often accused of steroid use, and was even implicated during the 2004 BALCO investigation, where other prominent athletes such as Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez were accused of taking performance enhancing drugs. She testified that she never took the drugs and a grand jury would not indict her, because of a lack of evidence.

However in 2007 she admitted to lying under oath during the BALCO investigation, stating that she did in fact take steroids before the 2000 Sydney Games. She also admitted her involvement in a weird check fraud scheme. Her admission resulted in her five Olympic Medals being returned and a six month prison sentence.

Quite the fall from glory, when you consider how she was one of the world’s brightest and most successful track stars just a few years earlier. Also, just to illustrate how dirty track and field can be, Jones’s boyfriend Tim Montgomery and her ex-husband C.J Hunter were both track stars who were also implicated in steroid use at various times.

8. 1979 Boston College Basketball Team

In 1981, Sports Illustrated uncovered a massive scandal involving the Boston College Men’s Basketball team, the mob, gambling and many of the ingredients for a great Hollywood thriller. Yes, the magazine does turn out more than just swimsuit additions.

Here are the absolute basics. During the 1978-79 season, players from the Boston College Basketball team conspired with the mob to fix certain games by shaving points…a sneaky way to cover the spread for gamblers.

The players involved, Ernie Cobb, Richard Kuhn and Jim Sweeney all accepted money from the mob in exchange for participating in the scheme. Along with gamblers Rocco and Anthony Perla, who Kuhn knew from high school, they picked out nine games that BC was expected to win by a lot. In exchange for some cash, the players agreed to ensure that the team didn’t cover the spread. The Perla Brothers then involved members of the Lucchese crime family, including Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill (King of the Hill anyone?) in order to back the deal.

7. The Black Sox Scandal

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