‘ABC types’ fired ‘feral attacks’ on the government following Greg Hunt’s comments

The “ABC types” fired “feral attacks” at the government on social media after Health Minister Greg Hunt said ABC presenter Michael Rowland identified with the left, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

ABC reporter Michael Rowland questioned Health Minister Greg Hunt over a Twitter post regarding the coronavirus vaccine which featured the Liberal Party logo.

Mr Hunt responded to Mr Rowland’s comments, saying he “identified with the left” – a comment which the ABC presenter said was “offensive”.

“So what did the ABC types do on social media? Well of course apart from desperately proclaiming that no, they are not left, they fired some feral attacks on the government,” Mr Kenny said.

One from ABC TV producer Belinda Hawkins featured the Liberal Party logo on bushfire damage, dead kangaroos and more.

“It’s a free country, you’ve got your political views, sure knock yourself out,” Mr Kenny said.

“But I mean bushfires caused by liberal climate policies? You can’t get any more loony left than that, you can’t get any more irrational and emotive.

“This is the green left extremes of Twitter.”

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